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Hooi Lai Wan 教授 (HOOI CAROL LAI-WAN)
Room T30737, at 7F of Third Academic Building  
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    ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3857-2074

     專長 Specialties
    專長 Specialties
    Human Capital Management Human Capital Management
    Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior
    Business Ethics
    Cross-cultural Management
    Research Methodology Research Methodology
    Strategic Management

    學歷 Educational Background
    School of graduation / non-completion
    Department of major
    International Islamic University Malaysia Business Administration (Organizational Behavior) 博士 2008/12 ~ 2012/09

     本校經歷 Experience at CJCU
    Service Unit
    Chang Jung Christian University Distinguished Professor 2020/08 ~ 迄今
    Chang Jung Christian University CEO of BBA Program in International Business 2020/08 ~ 迄今

     外校經歷 Other School Experience
    Service School
    Service Unit
    Soochow University Department of Business Administration Visiting Research Fellow 2019/01 ~ 2019/12
    National Cheng Chi University Department of Business Administration Visiting Research Fellow 2017/06 ~ 2017/09

     國外期刊論文 Papers in foreign journals
    Hooi, L.W., 'Leveraging Human Assets for MNCs Performance: The Role of Management Development, Human Resource System and Employee Engagement,' International Journal of Human Resource Management , 32, 13, Sep. 2021, 2729-2758. (SSCI )
    Hooi, L.W., Liu, M.S., Lin, J.J., 'Green Human Resource Management and Green Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Do Green Culture and Green Values Matter?,' International Journal of Manpower , Aug. 2021 . (SSCI )
    Chan, A.J. & Hooi, L.W., 'Rewards and Recognition on Employee Motivation and Employee Performance: A study of a Manufacturing Company in Malaysia,' International Journal of Management Practice, Jul. 2021 .
    Nguyen, N. T., Hooi, L.W., & Avvari, V. M., 'Leadership styles and organisational innovation in Vietnam: Does employee creativity matter?,' International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Jun. 2021 .
    Hooi, L.W., 'SME Performance: Does Organizational Learning Capability Really Matter?,' International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 29, 5, May. 2021, 1093-1116.
    Chan, A.J., Hooi, L.W., & Ngui, K.S., 'Do Digital Literacies Matter in Employee Engagement in Digitalised Workplace?,' Journal of Asia Business Studies, 15, 3, Mar. 2021, 523-540.
    Hooi, L.W., 'Does Organization Inclusion Matter in Expatriate Mission Accomplishment? ,' Asian Journal of Business Research, 10, 3, Dec. 2020, 111-132.
    Nguyen, N.T. & Hooi, L.W. , 'Relationship between Leadership Styles, Employee Creativity and Organisational Innovation: A Proposed Framework,' International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 22, 1, Aug. 2020, 23-46.
    Hooi, L.W., 'Firm Performance: Is Organizational Learning Capability the Magic Wand? ,' International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 68, 8, Jul. 2019, 1411-1433.
    Hooi, L.W., 'Global Human Resources: A Key to Mission Accomplishment,' Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research, 7, 1, May. 2019, 5-26.
    Hoh, C.C., Ramos, H.M., & Hooi, L.W. , 'Affective Events and Emotions during Performance Management Processes: A Study of General Workers in Malaysia,' International Journal of Employment Studies, 27, 1, Apr. 2019, 93-128.
    Jan, M.T. & Hooi, L.W, 'Will it Survive? Challenges Faced by Islamic Marketing in Today’s World,' Journal of New Business Ideas & Trends, 16, 2, Jul. 2018, 9-17.

     專書及技術報告 Monographs and Technical Reports
    Book title
    Category of work
    專書 Hooi, L.W. Governance and Citizenship in Asia: Organisational Justice and Citizenship Behaviour in Malaysia 原著
    專書 Hooi, L.W. Human Capital Management Practices in Malaysia: Local and Foreign Perspectives 原著

     專書論文 Monograph
    Thesis title
    Book title
    Hooi, L.W. & Nguyen Nhat Tan Agile Coping in the Digital Era: Emerding Issues for Research and Practice Agile Leadership and Bootlegging Behaviour: Does Leadership Coping Dynamics Matter?
    Hooi, L.W. Globalization, Labor, and the Transformation of Work: Seeking a Competitive Advantage in an Increasingly Global Economy Integrating Global Recruitment Trends: The Effect on Employee Satisfaction
    Hooi, L.W. Management in South East Asia: Business, Culture, Enterprises and Human Resources Implementing E-HRM: The Readiness of Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia

     應邀擔任講座 Lecture invitation
    Lecture title
    2021/06/29 ~ 2021/06/29 Winning Journal Editor's Heart: The Dos and Don'ts Universiti Utara Malaysia Invited Speaker
    2020/12/09 ~ 2020/12/09 Feedbacks for Pilot Teaching Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2020/11/25 ~ 2020/11/25 Teaching in English and Engaging Remotely With Confidence Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2020/11/22 ~ 2020/11/22 Strategic Leadership: Managing the Minds and Hearts of Healthcare Professionals National Taipei University of Technology Keynote Speaker
    2020/10/20 ~ 2020/10/20 Communication Via Information Technology Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2020/10/19 ~ 2020/10/19 Capturing Reviewers' Hearts Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2019/12/11 ~ 2019/12/11 Getting Published National Taiwan University of Technology Invited Speaker
    2019/12/04 ~ 2019/12/04 Writing a PhD Research Proposal National Taiwan University of Technology Invited Speaker
    2019/11/27 ~ 2019/11/27 Literature Review National Taiwan University of Technology Invited Speaker
    2019/11/21 ~ 2019/11/21 Neuromarketing National Chiao Tung University Invited Speaker
    2019/11/08 ~ 2019/11/08 New Academia Pedagogy: Ethics and Social Responsibility Chang Jung Christian University Invited Speaker
    2019/10/22 ~ 2019/10/22 Writing Winning Project Proposals: Product Design and Improvement Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2019/10/17 ~ 2019/10/17 Adjusting to Cultural Differences in Taiwan Yuan Ze University Invited Speaker
    2019/10/17 ~ 2019/10/17 Groups and Teams in Organizations Yuan Ze University Invited Speaker
    2019/10/17 ~ 2019/10/17 Cooperation in Teaching and Research Yuan Ze University Invited Speaker
    2019/10/04 ~ 2019/10/04 Staffing National Chiao Tung University Invited Speaker
    2019/05/09 ~ 2019/05/09 Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2019/03/28 ~ 2019/03/28 Cross-cultural Communication Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2019/03/21 ~ 2019/03/21 Cross-cultural Experience Soochow University Invited Speaker
    2019/03/13 ~ 2019/03/13 Getting Published Soochow University Invited Speaker

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